Street Wise Ladies' Choice 21,000,000* Stun Gun

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Introducing the Ladies' Choice 21,000,000 Stun Gun*

It’s no longer breaking news that crime is on the rise all over the world. It’s also not breaking news that one of the most vulnerable groups being affected by crime are women. Women’s safety is a big concern everywhere.

Most do not have a “warrior” mentality when it comes to self-protection but it’s important that they know they have a right to defend themselves and others from harm by using force - they don’t have to be a victim. For most women, avoidance from a potentially dangerous situation is the best protection but sometimes that doesn’t work.

Along with having a high level of security awareness, it’s also important for women to have personal protection. To that end, we introduce the Ladies' Choice 21,000,000* Stun Gun. It is specifically designed with women in mind.

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