Byrna LE Launcher - Universal Kit

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Introducing the Byrna LE: Your Ultimate Self-Defense Solution

Upgrade your self-defense capabilities with the powerful and advanced Byrna LE. Engineered for performance and precision, the Byrna LE is designed to keep you safe in high-stress situations. Here are its outstanding features:

Key Features:

1. Patented Pull-Pierce Technology:

  • CO2 is stored in the launcher unpunctured until the first trigger pull.
  • On the first trigger pull, CO2 is punctured, and a projectile is launched simultaneously.

2. Upgraded White Dot Sights:

  • High-contrast bright white sights for quicker acquisition in high-stress situations.

3. Super-Charged Performance:

  • The Byrna LE Launcher is 60% more powerful than the SD.
  • Achieve max projectile speeds of up to 340 feet per second.

4. Increased Shot Capacity:

  • Enjoy a 40% greater shot capacity compared to the standard Byrna SD.
  • Fire up to 35 rounds per single 12g CO2 cylinder.

5. Extended Standoff Distance:

  • Experience a 33% increased effective range over the Byrna SD.
  • Achieve accuracy at distances of up to 80 feet.

Byrna LE Kit Details:

  • (1) Byrna LE Pistol
  • (1) Byrna branded EVA travel/storage case
  • (15) Total .68 caliber projectiles
    • (1) 5-count tube of Kinetic Projectiles
    • (1) 5-count tube of Eco Kinetic Projectiles
    • (1) 5-count tube of Pro Training Projectiles
  • (2) 5-round Magazines
  • (2) 12g CO2 cylinders

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