Street Wise Pain Pen 25,000,000* Stun Gun

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Pain Pen: Your Discreet Self-Defense Solution

A pain pen is disguised as a regular writing pen, offering an inconspicuous self-defense option. With a close-range stun gun like this, surprise is on your side, discouraging attackers with a powerful electrical charge upon contact. Crafted for durability, the pain pen resembles a real pen, ensuring discreet carry until needed.

  • Realistic Look: Resembling a regular pen, it packs 25,000,000v into a sleek design.
  • Safety Switch: Features a safety switch for controlled deployment.
  • Small Size/Big Power: Compact yet powerful, fitting comfortably in your hand.
  • Convenient and Easy to Carry: Discreet storage in a purse or pocket, with a belt clip option.
  • Great Deterrent: Effective in deterring attackers, offering peace of mind.
  • Built-In Battery: Rechargeable battery for multiple uses, reducing waste.
  • Clever Decoy: Provides control in tense situations, delivering debilitating electricity.
  • Battery Status Indicator Lights: Ensures a full charge before heading out.
  • Micro USB Charging Port: Convenient charging with included USB cord.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Made by Streetwise Security Products, ensuring quality and longevity.

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