Ballistic Open Handcuff Case, Fits 1-2/4" Belt

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Ballistic Handcuff Case - Efficient and Durable

Our Ballistic Handcuff Case is designed to support you in getting the job done efficiently. 

Key Features:

  • Made from durable nylon materials, meeting the requirements of any law enforcement uniform
  • Compatible with Standard handcuffs
  • Lightweight construction ensures comfort and durability, allowing you to keep your handcuffs within easy reach without hindrance

Handcuff cases play a crucial role in providing protective and secure storage for handcuffs. Whether it's safeguarding against scratches, dents, or ensuring an added layer of security to prevent unauthorized access, our Ballistic Handcuff Case is a reliable solution for law enforcement professionals. Keep your handcuffs in optimal condition and maintain control with our quality handcuff cases.

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