Blackhawk Serpa LVL 2 Duty Holster

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Experience superior retention and speed with the Blackhawk Jacket Slot Belt Loop Holster, designed for duty-style use. This versatile holster can be comfortably worn as part of your duty rig or attached to your belt for quick access.

Key Features:

  • SERPA® Auto Lock™ Release: Securely engages the trigger guard when holstering your pistol for added safety.
  • Passive Retention Detent Adjustment Screw: Customize the level of retention to suit your preference.
  • Full-Length Holster Body: Offers rear sight protection and reduces the gun profile for a community-friendly appearance.
  • Unique Blackhawk SERPA® Jacket Slot Belt Loop: Easily attaches to your belt without the need to unthread other gear.
  • Additional Options: Choose between Mid-Ride Duty Belt Loop and High-Ride Duty Belt Loop for a personalized fit (sold separately).
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit all Blackhawk injection-molded platforms.

Compatible with Glock Models: 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, and 32 (Excluding Gen 5, .40 cal).

Upgrade your holstering experience with the Blackhawk Jacket Slot Belt Loop Holster, featuring Auto Lock Technology for enhanced security and convenience. Whether you're an officer on duty or a responsible gun owner, this holster is designed to meet your needs.

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