Nylon Double Magazine Pouch

Nylon Double Magazine Pouch

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Double Magazine Pouch

  • Made of lightweight ballistic nylon
  • Molded Nylon Duty Gear is durable yet comfortable
  • You can be sure that your gear is protected
  • Molded foam interiors ensure that your gear fits and is easy to remove in a hurry
  • Hidden metal snap closures to ensure your gear will not fall or slip out


TG004-1 10MM/45. Stacked = Colt GVT, H&K P7-M8, Dig Sauer P220-P225, Ruger P90, S&W 1006, 3904, 3906, 4506

TG004-2 9MM/40. Staggered = Beretta 92F-96F/ Glock 17-19-22-23/Sig Sauer P226/P228/ P229/ S&W 4006/ 5406/SW40F

TG004-3 10MM/40. Staggered = Glock 20-21/H&K USP

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