Powerstep Comfortlast Insoles

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Powerstep ComfortLast Impact Gel Insoles:

Experience relief for sore, aching feet with Powerstep's ComfortLast impact gel insoles. Utilizing cutting-edge gel technology and slow-recovery foam, these full-length cushioned insoles offer maximum comfort, softening the impact of each step. Providing a soft, supportive feel, they gradually conform to the foot, creating a custom-like impression over time. Ideal for increased support during walking or jogging, ComfortLast shock-absorbing insoles redefine comfort.

About Powerstep: Since 1992, Powerstep has been a pioneer in delivering the highest-quality orthotic shoe insoles. Founded by a podiatrist, foot surgeon, and runner, Powerstep originated from the need for a ready-to-wear orthotic that is convenient and affordable. Our products, the preferred choice of medical professionals, can be found in retail stores nationwide. Committed to excellence, Powerstep continues to produce top-tier orthotic shoe insoles to alleviate foot pain. Proudly made in the USA.

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