SABRE Defense Spray W/ Quick Release Key Ring

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Stay Safe with SABRE Defense Spray with Quick Release Key Ring

Protect yourself with the SABRE Defense Spray, featuring an advanced 3-in-1 formula. This powerful spray combines SABRE's maximum strength pepper spray, CS military tear gas, and UV marking dye to deliver ultimate stopping power. It's our best-selling and most popular SABRE pepper spray style, perfect for on-the-go self-defense.


Product Details:

  • 2X Stronger: SABRE's Pepper Spray is designed for use against goal-oriented attackers, even those under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Our industry-exclusive in-house HPLC lab guarantees maximum strength in each canister.
  • 5X More Protection: With 25 bursts in a powerful stream, this defense spray is effective against multiple assailants. The SABRE ADVANCED 3-in-1 formula includes maximum strength pepper spray, CS tear gas for enhanced burning, and UV marking dye to help identify suspects.
  • Faster & Easier to Use: The easiest-to-grasp finger grip enhances your aim and keeps your eye on the threat. The Quick Release Key Ring ensures immediate access when seconds count.
  • Safety and Training: Package includes links to free SABRE Pepper Spray training videos and safety tips to maximize your personal safety.

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