Street Wise Black Jack Stun Gun

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For over 25 years, Streetwise Security Products has led the way in innovative self-defense and security solutions. The new Black Jack 21,000,000* Stun Gun with Alarm is the result of valuable feedback, offering features that matter most in self-defense. This cutting-edge model boasts a loud alarm and introduces Squeeze -N-Stun Technology, streamlining activation in tense situations. Its advancements render standard models outdated.


  • Enhanced Design: Responding to user feedback, we've enhanced the alarm feature for improved functionality. A separate switch position is now dedicated to the alarm.

  • Stun with Light On: A pioneering design allows you to activate the stun gun while using the flashlight. Perfect for surprise attacks from behind.

  • Squeeze and Stun: This revolutionary feature empowers you to activate the stun gun swiftly by squeezing it. No fumbling for buttons; maintain a tight grip for quick response.

  • Loud Alarm: The built-in loud alarm, a potent deterrent, summons help and deters attackers at the first sign of danger.

  • Triple Defense System: Illuminate with the bright flashlight (1), use the 120 dB alarm (2) for assistance, and resort to the stun gun (3) if necessary.

  • Dual Safety: A separate compartment stores the disable pin, preventing accidental activation. Unit remains inactive until pin insertion and safety switch off.

  • Ergonomic Design: Enjoy a firm and comfortable grip, boosting your confidence to defend yourself under pressure.

  • Disable Pin: Attachable lanyard with a disable pin prevents assailants from using the stun gun against you.

  • Triple Stun Protection: The top of the stun gun creates a powerful electrical burst, providing three points of protection.

  • Built-In Charger: Easy charging with a slide-out plug; no cords to worry about. Instructions included.

  • Holster Included: Carry confidently with the included durable holster featuring a belt loop.

  • Lifetime Warranty: Manufactured by Streetwise Security Products, industry leaders, with a lifetime warranty.


  • Streetwise Black Jack 21,000,000 Stun Gun
  • Durable Holster
  • Lanyard
  • Instructions

*Voltage output is comparative to other brands claiming 21,000,000 or higher volts.

Note: Personal safety should always align with local laws and regulations. Before integrating the Black Jack Stun Gun into your defense strategy, we strongly advise confirming its legality within your jurisdiction.