Streetwise Hot Rod Dual Light Stun Gun

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Streetwise Hot Rod 50,000,000 Dual Light Stun Gun: Your Versatile Protector

The Streetwise Hot Rod stun gun is a compact yet powerful self-defense tool designed to keep you safe in various situations. With its built-in LED flashlight and side floodlight (COB), this stun gun measures just 6.5" long and ½" x ½" wide. Equipped with a handy magnet, it offers versatility in everyday use. Stick it to your car in emergencies, illuminate your surroundings, or use it as a strobe light to signal other vehicles if you're ever stranded on the road.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Stun Gun: The electrical current and intimidating sound emitted by this unit can halt most attackers in their tracks. A jolt from this stun gun provides an added layer of defense.

  • Two Flashlights in One: This device boasts both a top LED light and a side COB floodlight for night safety or emergencies. Unlike most models, the stun gun can be activated while the flashlight is in use.

  • Three Light Modes: Choose from the top LED light, side COB flashing, or constant-on mode, adapting to your needs.

  • Ideal Auto Safety Device: A strong stun gun for personal protection and a side floodlight that doubles as a strobe to signal other vehicles or illuminates your surroundings.

  • Strong Magnet: The magnet allows you to attach it to your car or any metal surface, making it an ideal work light.

  • USB Rechargeable: Easily recharge your stun gun using the included standard Type C charging cord, providing convenience and versatility. You can charge it via a laptop, power bank, or car charger, as well as with a block charger (not included) in an electrical outlet.

  • Charging Indicator Light: Be aware of your device's charge status with the charging light. It signals when your Hot Rod is fully charged and flashes to alert you when it reaches 20% or less.

  • Pocket Clip: Always have your stun gun at the ready with the pocket clip. No more fumbling through your bag in critical moments.

  • Lifetime Warranty: Made with top-quality components, the Hot Rod comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Elevate your safety and be prepared for any situation with the Streetwise Hot Rod Stun Gun.

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