ZAP Enforcer Stun Gun

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Introducing the ZAP Enforcer Stun Gun Flashlight—an indispensable tool for security personnel and individuals who prioritize personal protection. With an astounding 2 million volts at your disposal, this device adds a formidable layer of security to your arsenal.

The Enforcer's standout feature is its built-in display indicator, providing real-time visibility into the flashlight's power level and the number of available shocks before depletion. Armed with ultra-sharp spike electrodes, this tool ensures penetration through clothing, incapacitating potential threats. Moreover, the Enforcer doubles as an impact weapon, offering an additional measure of defense even if the flashlight is temporarily depleted or when a forceful response is necessary.

Uncompromising Vigilance:

  • Long-lasting Illumination: A single full charge empowers the flashlight for over 12 hours of continuous use, ensuring unwavering vigilance throughout your activities.

Complete Package:

The ZAP Enforcer Stun Gun Flashlight arrives complete with essential accessories:

  • Wall Charger: Effortlessly recharge your device, ensuring it's always ready to protect.

  • Wrist-Strap: Stay connected to your Enforcer with the included wrist-strap, providing added security during use.

  • Belt-Clip Carry Holster: Conveniently transport your Enforcer, keeping it accessible and discreetly tucked away.

Note: Personal safety should always align with local laws and regulations. Before integrating the ZAP Enforcer into your defense strategy, we strongly advise confirming its legality within your jurisdiction

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